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It's been a Process. 

In 2007,  I found a lump in my breast.  It was Thanksgiving and I was about to have a house full of guests. I said nothing.  I thought I'm too young, it's nothing. Just get on with the day. So I cooked and smiled and got through the day. 
We also had tickets to go to Italy for Christmas. Again, I said nothing and waited. I thought I'll go to the doctor as soon as I get back. 
Italy was amazing. I spent my 40th birthday there and loved it. As soon as I got back I made an appointment, for a month in the future. Hey, it's nothing! It's fine. 
One month later I walked into the doctor's office, she walked in, examined me and said, "Get yourself to a surgeon.  Here is a list of local surgeons."
I drove home in tears not knowing what to do and feeling overwhelmed. However, in the back of my mind, I still knew that I was young and healthy and this was nothing.  I was lucky enough to call an amazing doctor at Virginia Hospital Center and she helped me, made me feel that everything would be all right. 
I started reading articles about cancer, its causes and chemicals in our environment, products we use every day and in our food. I promised myself if I lived through this, I would change the way I lived. I did and I did! The food I give my family, the cleaners I use in my home on my clothes and the products we use on our skin. I started to make an effort to buy only natural products whenever possible.
Five years later my cancer was back in the same spot. Again, I won the fight and decided to go further. I wanted to create my own products and perhaps even grow my own food. 
However, my house at the time didn't have the space to make that possible. My husband and I decided to find a place that did have the necessary space. A home where we could have a wonderfully large garden and have our own chickens for eggs and bees for honey. 
After two years of looking, we found an amazing home in Clifton, Virginia. 
Now I have the space to do what I have been dreaming of for so many years. I have a beautiful rose garden where I grow lavender, thyme, and rosemary along with my beautiful roses.  A vegetable garden and greenhouse, a chicken coop and two beehives. Next year I hope to add two goats for as much milk as I need for my soap and cheese. I can't wait. With these new resources, I started making soap. My family loves it! I decided to start making it available to everyone. It is all-natural and gentle on the skin. It's been a process but I'm so happy to be here.  I hope you enjoy my soap. 
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